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  1. Wearable technology looks like its going to be the big thing this year with some key products in development from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Google. Here are some particularly colourful and interesting thoughts on the potential ‘wearable’s’ of the future by Russian based designer/artist DXMIQ Via @AA13

  2. We’ve just uploaded new prints to our design store Editions of 100. Lovely designs by @BergerFohr / @hichristhompson / @dvdvnd / @DanielFreytag. Take a look and let us know what you think. 

  3. likeafieldmouse:

    Ibon Mainar

    Not sure what it is but do like it for a reason I can’t tell.

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  4. Some lovely new photography and garments added to The Top Project a fashion site we designed last year for Glasgow based fashion designer Niki Taylor. 

  5. The importance of telling brand stories —

    We usually try to avoid using industry clichés and buzzwords, however, one which we came across recently seemed to resonate with us. ‘Storytelling’, or the idea at least, of telling the whole story of a brand, product or service through not just a logo, but a variety of brand touch points whether that be print, screen or environment. Creating lasting, relevant and impactful brand identities is like writing the introduction to a good book. You lay a solid foundation with the logo or marque itself but then build in a variety of chapters which help tell the whole story through the use of specific visual assets such as typography, pattern, colour, texture, audio, video etc.

    Your logo is the most visible representation of your business, product or service, but it requires support, and a variety of considered, sub plots which, when applied strategically together, work to successfully tell your brand’s story over time. These assets allow the life of a brand to evolve and more importantly adapt to their constantly changing environments. It’s not just how good a designer you are but, more importantly, how good a storyteller you are that will define the success of your clients brands and indeed your studios output.

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    Article originally published in BP&O Design Survival Guide

  6. A selection of images from FA creative director Daniel Freytag’s newly launched photographic website

  7. We Go to the Gallery is a hilarious parody book created by artist and comedy writer Miriam Elia, - The book pokes fun at the art world using the visual language of the classic Ladybird books - Thanks to @Shaunwoods for the shout.

  8. We’ve just updated our design store Editions of 100 with some new prints - Ace / Quartz / Berg - Produced using opaque metallic silver and matt black inks these limited editions prints are available at

  9. If you love street art then you’ll have to visit the Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch - The gallery is hosting a solo exhibition by prominent street muralist Phlegm - Like his other work the exhibition (called ‘The Bestiary’) provides a complete sense of magical escapism whilst juxtaposed in an everyday context. Thanks to Nick Towers for the shout and images.

  10. Nice New York cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg. Via @AA13 

  11. nicecollection:

    Dejan Dukic - Storage Painting Nr.14, 200 cm x 169 cm, Wood, Canvas, Acryl, Fluid Pigment and Oil, 2012

    (Source: nodoer, via wowgreat)

  12. urhajos:

    Walking into a gif

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  13. Found these amazing 1950s vacation postcards from the United States - love the saturated colours and poses

  14. Love these Escheresque studies by Evan Robarts of three dimensional forms rendered in vibrant colour - very nice indeed


    Cube no.1-5, 2011

    Marker, gloss medium on paper

    24” x 36”

  15. Beautifully delicate floating sculptures by Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi - These suspended inverse mountainscapes are fabricated forms created using plastic sheeting and hot-glue which has been dyed black - the process of creating this beautiful installation has been captured here (thanks to Kirsten Macdonald for the shout)